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Montrose Christian

First, I would like to apologize for my lack of posts.  I am currently in a transitionary period between Boston and Maryland and a lot of my time has been spent doing "loaded conditioning" (it feels appropriate I use that term since I am currently reading Dan John's book). In...

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Gray Cook's New Book

If you didn't know, I love to read. My athletes are always kidding me about how much time I spend reviewing research and reading content pertaining to the field. When I worked and lived in Massachusetts, every Monday my athletes would naturally ask me how my weekend was.  My response...

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My First Attempt at Tweetchat

If you are a strength coach, physical therapist or fitness professional you don't want to miss out on what will be occurring the night of July 19th!  Recently I have been thinking about Twitter and what it has to offer.  There's no doubt that Twitter isn't a great marketing or...

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Welcome to Strength Coach Concepts!

Welcome to the new face of!  I am excited about the new look and features the site has to offer.  Be sure to explore every facet of the site such as the services, products, forum, videos and the Strength Coach Concepts Podcast!  Lastly, subscribe to the FREE newsletter on...

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