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Testimonials | Matt Johnson's Strength Coach Concepts


"One of the first things I look at when I critique a coach is their desire to be good at their trade.  Matt Johnson was a former athlete of mine who wasn't just satisfied with getting training results....He wanted to know why!  I loved that about Matt.  When I learned of Matt's interest to venture into the strength and conditioning field, I knew our industry would be better because of him.

Fast forward to today.  Matt is quickly becoming known as an aggressive learner, a creator and an implementer of sound coaching methods.  I highly recommend those wishing to learn more about strength and conditioning check out and any of Matt's information.  Keep up the great work Matt, I am proud to have you in the industry!"

Lee Taft   

"It’s been extremely gratifying watching Matt Johnson blossom from a hard-working high school basketball player into one of the rising stars within the strength and conditioning profession.  Matt has accomplished so much at such a young age and he’s done it the old-fashioned way; hard work, dedication to detail and a willingness to step into the “trenches” and learn “real-life” applications to complement his outstanding academic achievements.  Excelling in the classroom at both the undergraduate and graduate level, Matt has also been mentored by several world-class strength and speed coaches and is now utilizing his vast skill-set to help athletes of all ages achieve their maximum potential.  I highly recommend Matt Johnson and to any person aspiring to reach a higher level of fitness or to any athlete striving to achieve their highest standard of performance."

Bryan Briddell, Ph.D -Owner/Director Saratoga Peak Performance

“Matt Johnson has been working for or with me in some capacity for the past three years.   He has continuously proved himself to be a fantastic strength and conditioning coach and an utter professional.  His dedication to education and research continue to place him on the cutting edge of general and sports specific training.  His dedication to detail, with each of his clients, all but guarantees significant improvement no matter their level when entering training.  Matt Johnson is a force in strength and conditioning and is a rising star in the field.  I highly recommend Matt Johnson and to any athlete or professional looking for the best content our industry has to offer.”

David Iava -Owner, Evolution Sports Performance

"Having coached my son for four years in high school, the one area in which I thought he needed to improve the most to succeed at the collegiate level was to develop a more explosive first step and increase his overall foot speed and quickness. Dana’s off ice work with Matt has without a doubt contributed to his improved performance on the ice. I have seen an increase in his ability to generate a more explosive first step and a more powerful stride. His improved leg strength and endurance has helped him on the ice and has given him the confidence he needed to play at a higher level."

David Borges -Head Ice Hockey Coach Coyle & Cassidy High School

Athlete Testimonals

"Training with Coach Johnson improved my game tremendously. The first week of training our team was tested on the bench press and I maxed out at 175lbs. Now I max out close to 195lbs. He improved my overall athleticism. I saw noticeable improvement in areas such as my speed, agility, strength, explosiveness and conditioning. If you are a serious player, spend time training with Coach Johnson. He will definitely get you ready for the next level."

Tyler Hubbard- Montrose Christian (2011), Loyola University (2015)

"Training with Coach Johnson was an outstanding experience. His knowledge and passion as a strength coach helped me become a better player. He helped me and my teammates become faster, more explosive, stronger and better men. I was very pleased with my play this season.  Coach Johnson was a huge part of that."

Tyrone Johnson- Montrose Christian (2011), Villanova University (2015)

"Training with Coach Johnson was great!  I've never had a strength coach push and encourage me the way he did. He really helped me improve my overall athleticism.  Coach Johnson is a great person to be around and a great motivator.  He made training fun."

Carmello Betancourt- Montrose Chrisitian (2011), University of Akron (2016)

“For the past 2 years I have had the opportunity to train with Coach Johnson. He has played a tremendous role in my development as a player. My first conversation with Coach I expressed to him that I wanted to become a better well-rounded athlete. His immediate response, "I will get you there" motivated me from the start. From training with him, my body transformed and my athleticism improved.  His low box training and plyometric exercises improved my vertical leap, explosiveness and reactiveness around the rim. He taught me the value of hard work and commitment to perfecting my craft.  He instilled in me the mindset to balance skill development with a strong work ethic in the weight room. As I now head to the University of Virginia, I can't feel more prepared thanks to my time spent with Coach Johnson! 

Justin Anderson- Montrose Christian (2012), 2012 McDonald's All-American Nominee, 2012 Maryland Gatorade Player of the Year, University of Virginia (2016)

“Working with Coach Johnson has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my basketball career. He is thorough in his assessment to discover your weaknesses and explains to you exactly what you need to do to improve in those areas. His program forces you to work hard and smart.  An exercise progression is easily visible from the start of training! Coach Johnson's dedication to coaching at his best is all the motivation I needed to give my all every session. The results associated with his program are the real deal and as long as you put in the work, you will not be disappointed!”

Cedric Blossom- Montrose Christian (2012), Morgan State University (2016)

“I came to Montrose the summer before my junior year. At the time I weighed around 200 pounds. Since I've been working with Coach Johnson I've gained about 15-20 pounds of muscle. He helped me become an overall better basketball player.  I have become quicker, faster, and stronger. Anyone who is serious about getting in the best basketball shape of their lives should definitely contact him.”

Bruce Beckford- Montrose Christian (2012), North Carolina A&T University (2016)

“There are not enough words that can describe Coach Johnson. He is a great person and one of the top basketball strength coaches in the country. He is extremely knowledgeable, but most importantly he knows how to motivate people. He encouraged me do stuff that I never thought I could accomplish. He is one of the biggest reasons for my success on the court. He made me stronger, faster and improved my fitness level. He is very driven and genuinely cares for his players.  He went above and beyond to help me reach my personal goals. Thanks Coach for everything!”

Kevin Larsen- Montrose Christian (2012), George Washington University (2016)

"I have been training with Coach Johnson for 2 years.  Participating in his program definitely helped me become a better basketball player. My agility, explosiveness and total body strength have improved tremendously. Training with him was a great experience and I look forward to continue to work with him as I get ready for the next level."

Yuki Togashi- Montrose Christian (2012)

"After training with Matt Johnson, I am left wondering why others in the strength and conditioning industry aren't doing what he is.  He eliminated the barrier between the ice and the gym.  He pushed me to some of my most productive and challenging workouts to date.  Matt has a theory for off ice training ahead of his time.  Now that I am back at school, I have taken many of the training techniques I have learned with Matt and implemented them into my workouts.  I look forward to training with Matt while I am home during the off-season."

Adam Barragan- Archbishop Spalding, Salve Regina Hockey

“I started training with Matt at the end of my junior year. I have been working with him for over 1 year and consider him not only my strength coach but a friend. Matt’s workouts push you beyond what you thought you were capable of and prepare you to achieve all of your athletic goals. I played three sports in high school and continued training with Matt through each season. With all the hard work we put in, I was fortunate enough to be recruited for football and baseball at the Division 1 level. Matt showed me proper speed mechanics, proper lifting technique and innovative exercises that nearly mimicked on field movements. Unlike strength coaches I’ve had in the past, Matt puts 100% into the athletes he trains. In addition to working with me three or four days a week, he attended my games and even contacted coaches on my behalf.  Whether it’s making you get that last rep or motivating you to believe in yourself, Matt’s mission is to see his athletes succeed.  Without the help from Matt I’m not sure if I would be preparing to play Division 1 baseball next year.”

Kyle Cachopa -Coyle & Cassidy High School , West Point Military Academy

"Matt is the most innovative strength coach I have ever worked with. At each workout I am amazed by the new exercises he has designed specifically related to my sport.  My strength, speed, and agility have improved tremendously.  Not only have I become more powerful and explosive on the ice, but also have a newfound confidence. Matt has a way of instilling personal confidence with everything I do.  He puts me into situations in the weight room that he knows I will succeed at.  Most importantly, I look forward to going to every training session.  The work you put in makes you enjoy what you are doing.  I have had a very successful freshman season and attribute a lot of my success to the training I have done with Matt."

Dana Borges -Stonehill College

“Matt is the consummate professional.  He possesses the knowledge, work ethic and skill set to design specific programs to meet the needs of any athlete.  Matt assessed my strengths and weaknesses to develop an encompassing regime, including, but not limited to, speed, quickness, power and flexibility.  I am confident that training with Matt and following his program will allow me to compete at the Division 1 level.  I have accepted an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy Class of 2013 and will be majoring in engineering along with playing football."

Conor Henry -Coyle & Cassidy High School , United States Air Force Academy 

"In my 4 year college career my class went 111-12, made it to 3 final fours and advanced to the Division III National Championship Game twice (winning it once). After college, I decided that I wanted to continue my career by going overseas to play professionally.  In order to do so, I turned to Matt for some help to develop a program that could help me prepare for this transition. Matt was able to design a program that helped me improve my game by getting me stronger, jumping higher and moving better. Thanks in part to Matt's program, I was able to successfully make the transition from collegiate to professional basketball and continue playing the game that I love."

Kevin Hopkins -Amherst College/BIG Oettinger Rockets (Professional)

"Deciding to train with Matt was by far the best decision I could have made as an athlete. When we first started training together I had just been cut from my high school’s basketball team.  I can remember sitting down with Matt and listening to him talk about what we were going to do to get me better.  I could tell he was knowledgeable and extremely passionate about his career and that motivated me to work hard. Everyday that I showed up he had a workout designed to meet my goals. At the next year’s tryout instead of getting cut I made the varsity team. The improvements I saw from training with Matt gave me the confidence I needed to go out and prove everybody wrong. 

At the end of the season we were back at it again, lifting as early as 5:30 in the morning. This year, instead of just trying to make the team I was trying to impress college coaches. He pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed before.  When tryouts came that year I was stronger, faster, and quicker than I had ever been. I had an extremely successful season; I was named to the Catholic Conference and Walpole Tournament All Star Teams. I led my team to the playoffs something we had never dreamed of after our 3-17 record the previous year. I am positive that none of these things would have been possible if Matt had not been there to push me to become the best player possible. As I head off to college, I know that with the work we put in I will be successful."

Jp Wilkinson -Xaverian Brothers High School

“When I was looking to improve my game, I came to Matt for help.  I started working with him in the summer of 2008.  After training with Matt for just a short amount of time I noticed an increase in my hip flexibility, balance while blocking and my explosion off the line.  Along with increasing my bodyweight 10 pounds, I improved my total body strength, 40-yard dash and pro agility times.  Matt elevated my performance to new heights which prepared me to play at the Division 2 level and become an All-Conference fullback in 2009.”

John Norcott –Angelo State University and 3 time Powerlifting Champion  

"Matt is an excellent strength and conditioning coach who pushes all of his athletes to their limit each session.  Matt has always been reliable with workouts and truly values the success of each athlete he trains because he views their performance as a reflection of himself.  I would recommend Matt to any serious athlete looking to improve their overall athletic performance.” 

Jack Birmingham – Coyle Cassidy High School

"Matt is top notch in his training techniques and methods.  As an athlete and fellow strength coach I have had the opportunity to learn and train with Matt in both respects.  Matt is always teaching new training methods and trains athletes based on individual needs and wants.  He goes hard day in and day out.  He is driven to succeed in the field of strength and conditioning and the world of human performance."

Matt King -University of Maine, Georgia Force, Manchester Wolves, Hamilton Tiger               Cats, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steeler

"I started training with Matt my junior year in order to prepare for the Nike Football Training Camp and Combine. I was invited to Nike on the basis of my junior film. Since the event was at the University of Virginia, I knew I was going to be competing against the best players in the nation.  To prepare, I knew I needed to take my training to the next level. Matt specifically worked with me to improve my speed, quickness, agility, and explosiveness—all important elements to be able to play at the collegiate level. I made tremendous gains by training with Matt. Obtaining numbers in the weight room and times on the field that I have never seen before. The training I did with Matt reflected in my performance the following season, earning me All-Division honors. After fielding numerous offers, I signed to play football in the Ivy League at Brown University. I believe that training with Matt was a big part of my success.  I am continuing to work with him as I prepare for next year."

Sam Artenstein -Moses Brown High School, Brown University

"It was an exciting and fun experience to be a part of Coach Johnson's research study. The focus and drive that Matt exhibited during the long and tiring process of pulling this whole study together was very inspiring to witness. Matt is extremely dedicated to the field of strength and conditioning and I am sure this project is just an example of what is yet to come.

I have known Matt as a colleague and now as a friend for three years. When he approached me about joining his study I did not hesitate to jump on board. I figured it would be a great learning experience for both he and I and I have not regretted my decision. During the course of the study I saw my squat numbers rise continuously. Matt did an excellent job following strict guidelines during the entire process to make sure his data could be as precise as possible. Matt performed quality work, and I expect he will continue to do so for many years to come."

Sam Gardner -B.S Westfield State College, M.S Bridgewater State College

"I have been playing lacrosse for 11 years, not until this year did I start taking my strength and conditioning to the next level. After talking to many different people, Matt came highly recommended. My overall performance has improved due to Matt's coaching philosophy.  He preaches "Quality not Quantity". He taught me proper lifting technique and corrected my movement patterns in order to improve my speed, agility and quickness.  If you are a lacrosse player looking to improve your game, look no further."  

Joe Gorgi- Moses Brown High School, Dickinson College

"I started playing rugby in Australia in 2003 and played for five years before moving to the United States.  I started playing football my sophomore year of high school at Moses Brown School where I played running back and corner. This spring, a teammate of mine, introduced me to Matt.  Within three weeks of training with Matt I saw significant improvement in my agility, speed and explosiveness.  After a long search for the right football program I have committed to play running back at Dickinson College.  Working with Matt has helped me immensely and I look forward to getting prepared for next year with him."

Luc Vernerey- Moses Brown High School, Dickinson College

“My experience training with Matt Johnson was life changing. I was pushed to a limit that I never knew I was able to achieve. During my senior year I suffered a compound ankle fracture, which required me to get reconstructive surgery.  Post op, I was slow and out of shape. Before I went to college I knew I needed to get my body and ankle back into the shape it needed to be in. I heard about Matt’s training from a friend of mine and I knew I needed to check it out. I started working with Matt in the early summer of 2009 and from the time I spent training with him I received unbelievable results. I physically felt stronger, faster and mentally tough.  The rehab work we did on my ankle gave me the confidence I needed to move efficiently without any pain or discomfort.  Prior to starting the season I was able to change directions, plant and land on my ankle, which was astonishing to see due to the amount of time I spent on crutches and immobilized. This year I received time on the field as a freshman and that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t receive the top-notch training that Matt provides.”

Fabrice Dragon –Cardinal Spellman High School, Stonehill College

“I am a high school student hoping to make it to the next level when I graduate. I have played varsity baseball and hockey since I was an underclassmen and knew I needed to improve my athleticism to impress college scouts. I was looking for a strength coach and Matt came highly recommended.  I’ve had personal trainers in the past so I thought his training was going to be the typical routine. However, once I started his program I quickly realized he was doing more for my athleticism than I could have ever imagined. My total body strength increased dramatically and I became quicker, agile and flexible.  Matt does more than just make athletes big and strong. He helps your overall athleticism and performance. He knows how to help aspiring dedicated athletes get to the next level.”

Harry Orringer –Coyle & Cassidy High School

"I started training with Matt in June of 2009. I weighed 146 lbs and was 6 feet 1 inch tall. As an abnormally thin teenager, Matt targeted this flaw and trained me accordingly. I wanted to gain weight for the upcoming basketball season. Matt's unique and effective training style helped me gain the weight I needed to put on. After following Matt's nutritional program and training with him three days a week, I became a better athlete. Over the five-month off-season in which I trained with Matt, I gained 29 lbs. At 175 lbs going into the season, Matt had helped me complete my three main goals: weight gain, improved vertical jump and overall body strength. Every time I train with Matt, he surprises me with new exercises that translate to the sport I play.  Matt's work ethic and willingness to educate his athletes show that the limits to his abilities are endless. He interacts with all of his athletes on a friendly level yet still carries a business-like attitude during training sessions. He provides an environment that allows you to train at a serious level while still having fun. I have the utmost respect for Matt and his training methods.  I would recommend him to any athlete who is willing to work hard to receive exceptional results."

Mark Driscoll –Coyle & Cassidy High School

“I have been training with Matt for 8 months and I am very satisfied with the results. He has given me a lift in my athleticism since I have started training with him.  During our workouts Matt takes me through a series of exercises, which work on my specific strengths and weaknesses.  I am always pleased with the workouts he prepares, his innovative ideas while sticking to the basics makes each training session challenging and rewarding.  Matt’s creativity, knowledge and dedication transformed me into a better basketball player and a healthier individual.  I owe all of my success to him, I’m confident he will do the same for you.”

Dave Taylor –Coyle & Cassidy High School

“Training with Matt was a great experience.  I am currently a freshman on the Bridgewater State College basketball team. I don’t think I would have made the team without the work I put in with Matt. During my senior year in high school, I tore my MCL. After a few months of physical therapy, I was cleared to play.  My knee never felt the same after the injury but I kept playing thinking it would improve over time. A few months later, I dislocated my kneecap and tore my patella femoral tendon in the same knee that suffered the MCL tear. After taking about 2 months off, a friend of mine referred me to Matt. Prior to my injury, I was getting recruited by a number of colleges around the New England area.  I knew I needed to get my knee rehabilitated in order to compete my freshman year. Matt organized a 6-month rehabilitation program for my knee as well as my ankle and hip.  He taught me about how knee injury a lot of the time isn’t associated with the knee but instead the strength of the surrounding joints.  He progressively pushed me to a limit that was safe yet effective. The sessions were physically and emotionally fatiguing but he was with me every step of the way. Matt got my knee back to a state that allowed me to play without pain or discomfort. I am now able to jump, land and cut the way I used to.  My confidence is restored and I’m pain free.”

Andrew Kelley –Mansfield High School, Bridgewater State College

“A few years ago, I severely broke my tibia and fibula in my left leg during a basketball game.  After having surgery, I tried to get back on the court as soon as possible. After my surgery and physical therapy was complete, I was still struggling to do anything on my leg.  A friend of mine highly recommended me to Matt due to his knowledge, expertise and commitment. Matt developed a program that specifically targeted my knee, ankle and hip complexes.  During the course of training with Matt, I participated and completed his basketball specific ankle rehabilitation program. When I began training with Matt it certainly wasn’t easy.  He pushed me to my limit every session, which helped improve my confidence.  After the 8-month rehabilitation program was complete, my parents and I were more than satisfied with the progress I had made. I am now able to perform any sport task on my once injured leg.  Jump, land, plant, change direction, sprint and decelerate….I can do it all.  I’m pain free, my game is where it used to be and I’m proud of the work I put in to rehabilitate my body properly. At first I was skeptical if my leg was ever going to be the same, training with Matt made me a believer!”

Ricky Donovan - Cardinal Spellman High School

Parent Testimonials

"My son, Sam, is a 6’4”, 290-pound, athletic offensive lineman who plays football at a small school in Providence, Rhode Island.  After his junior season, he was invited to participate in a national football combine and evaluation event sponsored by Nike in Virginia.  He was the first player from Rhode Island in many years to be invited, and although he had always been committed to a high level of training in the off-season, he decided that he had to work even harder in preparation for the Nike Evaluation because it represented a chance to go up against the best high school football talent in Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas.  Most of those kids were being recruited to top Division I programs. Matt Johnson came highly recommended as a strength coach to prepare for the combine events; Sam began working with him in the middle of his junior year.  Matt designed a training program for Sam that focused specifically on skills required by offensive lineman: speed, quickness, core strength, flexibility, agility and explosiveness.  We saw results almost immediately in all of these areas.  Sam’s gains were so great working with Matt that he continued to train with him throughout the off-season and during his senior year.  Matt understands all aspects of training athletes, including the appropriate use of nutrition, rest, and drills and work-outs designed to complement all muscle groups used in the athlete’s sport.  After a successful senior season, Sam committed to play football at Brown University, and I feel that his work with Matt played an important role in his success."

Andrew W. Artenstein, MD

"My son Kyle is a serious high school athlete who wanted to continue sports at a high level in college. He needed to take his training to another level, so I interviewed with a number of strength coaches. I noticed Matt’s professional view right away. He asked about goals, both short and long term, and was straight forward on what would be required for achievement. His approach with his athletes is simple, “Come ready to work, because I do. I don’t like to waste time.”  Matt is honest and committed to his clients, and this translates into real results. Matt's association with my son has helped him become very successful.  Kyle continues to achieve improvements in speed, strength and overall agility, all while playing three varsity sports. Matt provides him with both creative, yet structured workouts, keeping him motivated and ambitious to reach beyond his initial goals. Kyle is being recruited by major D1 programs in both football and baseball, and I know that is directly related to his association with Matt Johnson."

David Cachopa -Bridgewater, Ma

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt Johnson for the past year as he worked with my son, Conor, to prepare for college.  Matt is extremely enthusiastic and exudes high energy when working with the athletes in his care.  Matt’s attention to detail allows him to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in his clients and develop programs accordingly. I have witnessed Matt working with athletes of all abilities and have seen marked improvement in all cases without exception.  With Matt’s help and support Conor readily made the transition from high school to the collegiate level.  Not only was Conor able to hold his own on the athletic field and in the weight room, but he also easily met the demands of the physical readiness test required of all cadets at the Air Force Academy.  If your goal is to increase your overall performance, Matt will work with you to make it happen.”

Jack Henry, M.D. -Bridgewater, Ma


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